Sunday, 18 May 2014

Prevention of Child Abuse Workshop - Indus International & Kids Ahoy Initiative

This morning was not just about how to protect your children from sexual abuse. It was about bringing light to myths, about the faith and bond between you and child which is what truly protects them, and most importantly, about what to do and what Not to, if you discover that your child has been subjected to any form of abuse.

Most of us either know of some one whose been subjected to abuse or have gone through some form of it while growing up. We may believe otherwise but the statistics are not a lie. This morning was about learning and empowering ourselves to protect our children.

I would like to congratulate every parent today who came there for taking the responsibility to empower themselves with this knowledge and participating in a discussion about a topic that is uncomfortable to speak about, but a topic that lurks around every one of our lives as a parent.

Indus International and Kids Ahoy! have pledged to come together and start a forum where parents can engage in sessions and address topics that are of crucial importance to parenting in today's world. If we open our minds and broaden our horizons, there are higher chances of being able to direct our children in a positive direction.

At the end of the session, we asked everyone what day and time works best for people to attend. The response we got was, "plan the session whenever you must, parents that are truly interested in their childrens welfare will show up no matter when you plan it".

Here's hoping to engage more and more parents as we walk on..because you are centre of the universe for your child and you have the power to make the strongest impact on their lives.

We would like to thank the counsellors, Mrs. Shubhada Ranadive (Muskaan) and Ms. Aleme (Indus International) and Ms. Anju Deoskar (Centre Head, IELC) for making this workshop happen.